Papoeira Podcast #11

The 11th Papoeira Podcast is on air! A Podcast by Capoeiristas for Capoeiristas!

In this episode we bring you more great music, more polemics, and an amazing interview!

  • Mestre Chicote tells us how he came to write his ladainha about the life of Mestre Suassuna (Read an English translation of the lyrics here).
  • We look into the history of the great mestre of Capoeira – The Berimbau! Also some curious facts.
  • Perhaps our most controversial topic so far – We discuss the sad reality of sexual abuses within the world of Capoeira and way to combat them.
  • Fascinating interview with Mestre Chicote about his life, social projects, and vision of Capoeira. (Read an English translation of the full interview here).

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