Today we bring you a ladainha composed by Mestre Boca Rica (CDO) which was featured in our seventh podcast.

Every good ladainha has a story or lesson within it, and in this case, it is one of great importance in any roda (and in life).

The protagonist in this story, despite having been a capoeirista for many years, had not yet learned this lesson, and gets reminded… capoeira style.

Mestre Boca recounts the story that inspired him to write this cautionary ladainha:

It all happened years ago in the roda that Mestre Suassuna holds in his academy every Thursday at 20.30.

As is often the case, there were 3 visiting students from another group, this time they were students of Mestre Cuenca, a good friend of the Mestre.

One of the visitors disrespected the berimbau, the etiquette of buying the game, started playing dangerously with the beginners … This is a type of game or behavior that we don’t condone, far from it, but it is important to know that these things can happen.

Coincidentally, in the roda was Viola, a former pupil of Mestre Cueca, who at that time was training at Mestre Suassuna’s academy. Viewing the scene Viola decided to buy the game to test himself against his old training partner.

The game was heated, and in one moment, the visitor did not manage to dodge a meia lua that struck him directly to the head (Ouch!), knocking him out cold. When he fell, he hit his head on the ground and started to bleed, causing everyone to gasp is shock! (but don’t worry, he recovered just fine).

Mestre Boca Rica

Upon returning home and remembering what happened Mestre Boca Rica composed this ladainha.

Moral: It’s always better to be respectful and behave, rather than risk someone teaching you a hard lesson in the roda… 😉

Barata de Idade – Mestre Boca Rica

Lyrics of the Ladainha and Translation

Beleza não põe a mesa,
Beleza não põe a mesa,
Só depois de muito treino,
Moça velha que é feia,
Nunca olha no espelho,
Sou criança que engatia,
Mas posso te dar conselho,
É que barata de idade,
Nunca anda em galinheiro,
Beauty does not put food on the table,
Beauty does not put food on the table,
Only after lots of training,
Ugly old girl,
Never looks in the mirror,
I’m a child that deceives,
But I can give you some advice,
That an old cockroach,
Should never enter a chicken coup

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