The third Papoeira podcast is on the air! A podcast made by capoeiristas for capoeiristas.

Papoeira Podcast #3

Today is the 20th of November, the Day of Black Consciousness in Brazil, and we want to celebrate itwith you in a very special way. You can’t miss the contents of today’s podcast!

  • History and meaning of music Marinheiro só
  • João Grande and João Pequeno or Gavião and Cobra Mansa?
  • Zumbi and why the day of the Black Consciousness is on November 20 and not on May 13
  • A mention of Umbanda
  • Interview with our beloved Mestra Ana Dourada from Barracão da Capoeira, a life full of surprises and difficulties. Great Capoeirista and Samba dancer without equal opens her heart to us.

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